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Content created: File last modified:. Procursus: Here follows the text of a conference paper in which I summarized my research related to the tradition of marriage brokering in China, both in the past, and up to the time of the conference. Insofar as possible, the text here is configured like the original conference paper. Footnotes, for purposes of web page presentation, are inserted into the text shortly after the point of citation. Chinese characters are returned to simplified form red , since the research was largely conducted in mainland China. However for names of people or places in Taiwan, they are also provided in traditional form blue. Tone marks have been restored for all Chinese words, although omitted by the original editors as incompatible with the Academia Sinica style sheet.

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I accept the Privacy Policy. Given that China is a country range over a vast land region, the wedding customs and rituals surely varies from regions, religions and ethnics. What to prepare before a Chinese wedding? What to do during a Chinese wedding?

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In ancient China most of people got married with the help of a matchmaker and the arrangements of their parents. The man’s side, led by the matchmaker, would visit the girl’s family to confirm each other’s stance. The step is called xiangqin to confirm attitudes. Nowadays, there are millions of single people in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing, so the traditional practice of xiangqin, with more than 1, years of history behind it, has made a comeback in modern Chinese life.

Hundreds of parents of white-collar children gather together to choose suitable objects for their children’s marriage in parks such as Zhongshan Park, and Zi Zhu Yuan Park in Beijing, since the end of They bring information, including their child’s name, gender, profession and requirements of marriage, and play the role of matchmaker.

It naturally develops as a “meeting to choose the best person for their children’s marriage.

Wedding Customs & Rituals in China

Traditionally, families had more say in regard to a marriage than the man and woman who were getting married. In the old days, young men and women that liked one another were not allowed to meet freely together. Young people who put their wishes for a mate above the wishes of their parents were considered immoral. The goal of matchmakers ever since has usually been to pair families of equal stature for the greater social good.

The first step of engagement in ancient Chinese marriage – comparing vital information of of the possibility of a match, which was initiated by the matchmaker.

The formation of Matchmaking Corner in China emerged in a complex context that combines Chinese pragmatism, Chinese traditional ethic, and the loneliness of the old. After briefly outlining how the process works, I will highlight the arrangement of the xiangqin the resultant meeting of prospective spouses. I then examine the criterion for marriage in the context of traditional views on marriage and an examination of the idea of marriage perceived as a social contract between two families, not as matters for the individual.

In China, Matchmaking Corner is full of elderly parents and organized by elderly parents themselves. It always takes place in the part with the most pedestrian volume in parks, which provides them a free platform to seeking a suitable spouse for their children. The Matchmaking Corner has been appearing in some main cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanjing and so on since The Matchmaking Corner is full of the papers hung to attract attention.

The parents walk about the Corner, looking the papers or standing by their paper, and chatting, always seeking the suitable spouse for their children. Take the matchmaking corner in Nanjing for example, the information provided on the papers here normally includes gender, age, height, appearance, personality, hobbies, education background, job, income, ownership of property, census register, even the job of their parents before.

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In modern times, traditional marriage matchmakers have been replaced by online dating, speed-dating events, and even matchmaking markets. In ancient China, parents would find a suitable partner for their daughter or son. In this way, one family would look for another family of similar status so that they could get their kids married.

Confucius, a philosopher in Chinese history, had a lot to say about traditional marriages. Confucian thinking in ancient China suggested that the roles of husbands and wives should be complementary—think yin and yang. Parents, who knew the nature of the couple, along with their strengths and weaknesses, decided what was best for them when it came to marriages.

The following folk tale from the Qing Dynasty describes how a marriage contract was kept—displaying the good character of a person—revealing the true nature and not just the outside appearance of a person. An honest man named Han Yunmen with good prospects had a marriage contract with a girl from the family of Qi. However, soon after the contract was made the girl became blind in both eyes.

Matchmaking in indian culture

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Indeed, in the novel The Golden Lotus (Jing Ping Mei), the four matchmakers Wang, Xue, Wen, Feng were all elderly female characters. In ancient China, people.

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Compared to ancient people, we should feel grateful for having more freedom to find the person we want to be with. In ancient China, marriage was often decided by parents or even the government.

Gong Haiyan: China’s number one matchmaker

The Matchmaker is responsible for arranging marriages and evaluating potential brides and grooms. Thus, she holds a great deal of influence, as women of the time are believed to uphold family honor only by marrying and bearing children especially boys. She has a reputation for being short-tempered and imposing.

In ancient Chinese society, Confucianism was not a religion but played a religious about their children’s marriages hold up homemade matchmaking ads with.

Along with the history of more than years, Chinese wedding has become one of the quintessence in Chinese traditions and been adopted more contemporary features over the generations. China is a vast country with many ethnic groups, that the wedding customs and rituals diverse from regions to regions is such an imaginable thing.

However, they still have common celebrating customs. In feudal society, it was their parents who arranged marriages for their children and weddings were often forced to be celebrated. Every aspect would be put on the scale of that time such as wealth, educations, zodiacs, and social status, etc. In this society, the matchmaker who helped to set a marriage between two families played a key role as the third party. They were the bridge for two families to conduct a poll about the marriage.

Over the generations, the majority of Chinese couples today get married for love. They find their match or introduced by their families and relatives.

Ancient But Timeless Tales on Marriage

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The matchmaker’s job in ancient China was to connect potential the matchmaker would match their birth dates using Chinese fortune telling.

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