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Sometimes they can also be shown in the packaging in which the boxes are stored in cases of prestigious releseases or brands, like Cohiba. In a code was introduced to identify the factory: month and year of production. In the coming years there were four changes concerning these codes.

Box of Cuban Cigars. Cuban cigars in Egyptian cigar box with shocking images A vintage box of Aurelia Arrow cigars, dating from the early 20th century.

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Factory identification tends to play a bigger role with Cuban cigars because Cuba has altered their factory seals and codes several times over the years. According to one source, cigars were originally sold in bundles covered with pig bladders, and a vanilla pod would be placed inside the package to stem the odor. These were eventually replaced by large wooden chests that could hold up to as many as 10, cigars.

In , English banker, Herman Upmann , opened a branch office in Havana and would ship Cuban cigars back to his London colleagues in boxes made of Spanish cedar due to its ability to prevent cigars from drying-out and extend the aging process.

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Upmann Hoyo de Monterrey Jose L. I wrote this blog on this Cuba cigar topic a few years ago for JamesSuckling. The bottom line is that Cuban cigars can be bought like fine wines, following the vintage or date on the bottle wines or box cigars. Of course, there is a big difference between wine and cigars. The date on a bottle of wine is when the grapes were harvested, while the date on a box of cigars is when the smokes were placed in the box.

Cuban cigars are made from a blend of tobacco leaves from different harvests, or cosechas. Forgive me if I am writing the obvious! Just check out the bottom of a box of Cuban cigars. There are three letters indicating the factory, and then below are three letters for the month and two for the year. Check out photo of Montecristo Petit Edmundos box above.

Largest Cuban Cigar Festival to date opens in Havana

Our Cuban Cigar Shop is home to premium cigar brands. Dating back to , the crewmen of Christopher Columbus were the first to ever encounter cigars on the island of Hispaniola, known today as Haiti. Since then, the Cuban Cigars industry has undergone many changes, however, one thing has managed to remain the same over the years; quality.

Jose Gener was growing tobacco before creating his brand ‘ Hoyo de La Gloria Cubana – The Glory of Cuba – is one of the oldest brands dating back to the.

When something is as well-known and famous as a Habano, it is not surprising that unscrupulous imitators try to imitate or forge original trademarks and products. Below are the official identifiers that you should always look for to confirm this. You will always find the best selection and the best qualities of your desired Habanos in recognized cigar stores or in verified cigar online shops.

A guarantee seal was first used in by order of the King of Spain Cuba was a Spanish colony from to Later, in , the government of Cuba, which became independent in , passed a law that allowed the use of a new design for the seal Sello de Garantia de la Republica de Cuba , similar to the one used today. It underwent another slight change in ; in , as part of a major revision, it was given a red serial number and for security reasons an emblem that can only be seen under ultraviolet light.

This seal appears on all packaging for tobacco products manufactured in Cuba.

A Vintage Chart for Cuban Cigars

Panetellas, stogies, coronas, and Cohibas. These are just some of the names associated with the powerful and captivating cigar. Whenever I think of Cuba and its symbols, I always think of Habanos. The cigar is known to be present in celebrations and high-profile gatherings, always as a symbol of class. It has also been associated with notables through history and several celebrities in more current times.

Follow me on this tour of cigars through history and time! Origins. The origin of the Cuban cigar dates to the times of Christopher Columbus and.

Cuba Tours Finder. Book Now. My Wish List. Authentic Cuba Expert’s Corner. About the Habano Cigar Festival. Add Ons. Can Americans Travel Legally to Cuba? Cuba Study Trips Be the first to know about exciting Cuba Study Tours! Newsletter Winter. Not a cigar aficionado but still want to go to Cuba? Oct 9- Oct 16, Book Now. Habano Cigars:. Quality cigars are still hand-made.

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Discussion regarding this is ongoing in this topic on the CW Forums. Special thanks to ak, Lizzard, Sancho Panza, stogiesmoker00, Skeeter, dartplayer1, Mad Dawg, cigartexan, Benecio and others for putting this information together. Please submit suggestions for this page to webmaster cigarweekly. The process of bringing cigars to market is a gray area to most outside of Havana. This process is strictly controlled, based on region, vega, class, sub class, etc, required to achieve the desired profile.

A number of a certain vitola may be rolled by numerous factories or not; they are brought to market as needed and the entire supply may or may not be exhausted.

S.A. Discover our % authentic Cuban cigars in our stores or online shop! became the Benelux importer for El Septimo and opened 8 shops year to date.

Cuban cigars evoke vivid images. Few, however, will think of a panel of specially chosen tasters evaluating and discussing cigars in a conference room. That decidedly unromantic picture is nevertheless a vital part of the process that leads to the creation of new Cuban cigar expressions and ensures continuity of flavor in your favorite brands. As a result, when the marketing department at Habanos comes up with a proposed brand, and outlines the tastes and flavors they want in the cigar, the institute has a good idea of where they need to go to find tobacco for that type of cigar profile.

Next comes a rigorous and long process of testing different blends, tasting them, making sure the blend is right for each vitola, or size, being created for the new brand. Then, for the final test, the best rollers in the factory where it will be produced are chosen to create a test batch for the panel. They are part of a large apparatus that determines everything from the seeds authorized for each tobacco growing season, to taking part in the taste tests for the final product, including the top export brands.

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How to identify cigars by their box codes

Bidasoa – used for the Cohiba 30 Aniversario and the Millennium releases. Byron – used cigars Boxes SA jar releases since. Glass Jars.

Cuban cigar producers are marking boxes of cigars to designate where they were The “Current Date Code”—as some Cuban cigar aficionados have come to.

You already noticed that every box of Cuban cigars has a strange stamp on the bottom. Probably you also know that it designates the factory and date of production. But do you know how to understand it? Till not a single box of Cuban cigars had any codes. Nothing except for the proud inscription Hecho en Cuba. Neither the dates, nor factory names. Francisco Padron, who was the president of Habanos S.

In stamps with information about the factory, month and year of production appeared. But this information was encoded Two Spanish words of five letters each were chosen for date coding: Nivel and Acuso. Their letters corresponded to numbers from 1 to 0. The code consisted of four letters. The first two corresponded to the month, the second two – the year of release:.

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